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Empowering Humanity is committed for poor girls marriage, mainly to perform the “kanyadaan” of daughters whose families can’t afford a wedding. We try to support the girl and her family by bearing the expenses of the wedding and demolish dowry and suicide due to lack of funds for marriage.

We believe that no girl should be treated as a burden just due to her marriage expense. we aim to provide all the funds required for a wedding and help such families and brides. According to us a kanyadaaner is a greater person than a person who performs kanyadaan because he is donating for the person to perform the most auspicious ceremony.

Empowering Humanity, aims to involve more and more people and raise maximum funds to help families get their daughter married. There are many who cannot afford a wedding to the extent that they are forced to kill themselves or their daughters. Hence by helping them, we are not only getting them married but also saving a girl child.

With Empowering Humanity we want to take a step to stop this deep rooted ailmnt in the society. By helping fathers and young brides to do their kanyadaan and bearing all the wedding expense, a girl shall no longer be considered as a burden to the family. It will hence stop all the inequalities, deaths and suicide. Kanyadaan is considered as the biggest “daan” in our country. But we feel that helping someone to do kanyadaan is a bigger ceremony.

By involving as many people as possible, we want to increase the number of girls we get married, every year. Empowering Humanity wants to help all such girls and families from across the country and arrange their wedding.

We want to join hands with people (kanyadaaners) not only across the country but also globally, where they can donate and become a kanyadaaner for a bride. By doing so , they can even opt to attend the wedding of their respective kanya.

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