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Food Distribution Drive

Food Distribution Drive in Gopalganj Bihar Thank you to the entire team of Empowering Humanity Bihar .. Special Thanks to Sushant Dhanraj for making it possible… Amazing Efforts....

Food Donation Drive

Food Donation Drive in Lakhimpur Kheri Uttarpradesh…Thank you everyone for the support andcontributions. https://www.facebook.com/notosocialevils/videos/239600961070249

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Nalasopara (Palghar Mumbai Maharashtra)By Empowering Humanity Palghar Team https://www.facebook.com/notosocialevils/videos/241735637517055

Langar Drive

Thank you everyone for support and contributions in today’s Langar Drive..Thank you again for putting your efforts in making this Langar so beautiful
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