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Hello all, welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will share one incident of a injured man whose leg bone is visible is lying near the hospital.

Today we received a call from a person near Deen dyal hospital. He told us about a injured man whose condition is so critical. He is lying near the gate of Deen Dayal Hospital, and his leg bone is visible due to some accident.

That person goes close to the injured person to know more about him and to understand how he got this wound that reached this condition. He records all the conversations and sends us to get help. After seeing that video, our team members immediately started taking action.

Our team discussed all situations with the CMO of Deen Dayal Hospital. Then he sends his staff for further proceeding. And finally, our team successfully admitted him to the hospital. We hope he will be fit and fine soon.

Special thanks to the person who called us about his case, and with the help of him, we successfully saved a life. And we all should be unity and help each other so that no one will feel alone or weak.

I hope you learned something from this case. If you have any case like this or you know someone who is suffering from the same issue, feel free to contact us on 9911211911. You can also connect us through Email, and our registered email id is info@empowering humanity.org.

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Thank you.

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