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Hello, all; welcome back to another blog. This blog will tell you all about our Maha Bhandara, held at Bawana near Maharishi Valmiki Hospital. We started our journey from Dwarka headquarters of Empowering Humanity and moved toward Bawana near Maharishi Valmiki Hospital.  

Our Team planned a Maha Bhandara over there in which our Joint secretary Mr. Vinod Jain will help us make this better. We are planning to feed around 2000 people. In this Maha Bhandara, we have Shubham Sinha, Rahul, Amit Verma, Sangeeta Jain, Saiyam Jain & Vishnu sir also from our Delhi team.

Unfortunately, the place was very far from Delhi, so many of our team members didn’t join us, but they were with us virtually. And we thanks all the people who contributed food items to run this Maha Bhandara and helped us attain our target of feeding 2000 people.

And after that, we finally reached the office of our Joint secretary Mr. Vinod Jain from where we will start this Maha Bhandara. I also thank all the people helping us make this food that we will distribute near Maharishi Valmiki Hospital Bawana.

After that, our Vishwas sir takes all the food items to offer in the temple. Then we will start distributing. We will try to feed small children first, and we invited some of the children from that area to start our Maha Bhandara. We started our Bhandara At Around 1 pm, and we distributed food among people till 3 pm. 

Finally, I request all, if possible, donate something which you can give to others that can spread happiness 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you want to ask any queries or suggestions related to the above content. Feel free to contact us, join us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/notosocialevils/

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