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Hello all, welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will share one incident with you with our Mumbai team member where Mumbai College denied giving original documents of a student. And what you can do in this situation. How to tackle this type of situation Read the full blog.

Today we received a call from our Mumbai team. She informed us about a situation held in her daughter’s college. Her daughter wanted to take admission to another college in Mumbai. But the college faculty denied giving her original documents back. They are not even giving proper education to students.

Many students also complain about this, and they do not provide good study material. After this, the child applied to another college, and she got selected. In the new college, they need her document for the registration process, and when she inquired about this from her college, her college denied giving them back.

They said that we couldn’t give you back you have to complete your entire course from our college or pay the complete fee to get all your certificates back. Then our team helped her. And we take some action toward that college then after some days they agreed to give all the documents to us. And finally, she submitted all the documents to the new college, and she got admission there.

I hope you learned something from this case. If you have any case like this or you know someone. Who is suffering from the same issue, feel free to contact us on 9911211911. You can also connect us through Email, and our registered email id is info@empoweringhumanity.org.

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