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Hello, all; welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will tell you about our recent case in which we helped a senior citizen recover his pending pension.

Today we have received a call from a very sad person from Bihar. He is very sad because due to covid he lost his job and his all saving are over now. And the only source of income which he has that After that, a pension from his father.

Through this, their family is living their life. But from 1 and a half years, they are not getting a pension from their father, and now their condition is not good. After that, they discussed all the situations with our team members and over team did further proceeding in this case, and after that, we talked to authorities.

They asked for all the documents related to this from us for taking action against it then we submitted all the documents to the authority. Finally, after some time, we got good news from the authority that all their documents were clear. Their pension is blocked due to some mistakes in documentation. Soon, they will unblock all their old pension, and they will get it regularly. 

This is a request to all if you find any old age person who wants to start a pension or whose pension is blocked from government help them. You can connect with us, share our details, and take them directly to our office. We will work on their case and will try that they will get the pension from the government

I hope you learned something from this case. If you want to ask any queries or suggestions related to the above content. Feel free to contact us, join us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/notosocialevils/

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Thank you.

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