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Shiksha Ka Hak||Familiarization visit Dwarka sector 17||Empowering Humanity||Notosocialevils #righttoeducation #ngo #empoweringhumanity #shikshakahak #notosocialevils

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Our #project “shiksha ka hak” is the soul of #India. We are working on the #roots of all the #problems and #issues that we see in our #daily #lives . During the #survey in one of JJ Colony, we found a group of teenagers in the age range of 03-16 years who were not going to school with ‘n’ number of reasons and excuses.

Once followed up with the kids. After that our team got to know that these kids are very vulnerable. They are being miss-used by the anti-social elements to carry out their illegal activities. We even found some kids in the age below 10, who were addicted and they are being used for chain snatching, looting individuals and even for carrying illegal activities.

History shows that heinous crimes are conducted by illiterate kids or people. Let’s not forget rape case of Nirbhaya in #delhi and #hyderabad Rape case. The culprits were uneducated and were lucky enough to get decent or minimum education. “Lack of lightening will always lead to darkness” and we cannot wait for someone to lit the light.

The initiative taken by Empowering Humanity is to lit the small lights so that the darkness can be overpowered. So let’s talk about short term and long term results. We are sure, let it be #policedepartment , #judiciary ,#ministries and other concerned departments will experience that their burdens will be reduced in due course of time.

I wish, these departments and other corporates working for any CSR project to come forward and join this #campaign. We can #educate these kids and can accomplished any project on the earth. #humanrights

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