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Hello, all; welcome back to another blog. This blog will tell you all about our recent case related to a Terror of a street dog in Rohini.

We have received a call from a lady who is very disturbed. She discussed a situation in his locality. In their locality, there is a dog whose anger is increasing day by day, and he is becoming a threat for all the citizen who lives in their locality. Every person who walks from that road prays that he will not go in front of that dog.

The children in that area are very depressed because they can’t play in that area because of that dog. He bits so many people of that area. So we worked for that case we registered that case. Our team requested her to send the video and photographs related to that dog. In which we got one video of residents.

In that video, they tell how the dog became in that situation, and then we start taking action. We called Sonadi Trust and discussed the same with them. Then they assigned their staff to pick the dog. After that, they started their treatment his condition became better day by day. And we hope that one day he will be fine and retain his proper condition.

After that, our team will locate that dog back to that locality Where he can enjoy his life because everyone in this world has a right to live in his way. We strongly request all the citizens of India to take such cases sympathetically and empathetically because animals do have equal rights to stay on the earth and their considered to be the most loyal creatures on the earth 

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